New Five Star Review of My Novel

The three countries where young Isabel lived Before I share another review, I need to explain that my novel is self-published. This means I do the marketing of the book and there is no publishing house using its powerful resources to help it get noticed. It doesn't matter how good a book may be if … Continue reading New Five Star Review of My Novel


US leaving “Graveyard of Empires.”

Lesleigh Coyer in front of the grave of her brother, Army Staff Sgt. Ryan Coyer, at Virginia's Arlington National Cemetery in March 2013. He died of complications from an injury sustained in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been called the "graveyard of Empires." The British tried to take over the country twice and failed. The Russians also … Continue reading US leaving “Graveyard of Empires.”

Enter My Book Giveway Contest

My first novel, Torn Between Worlds: An Illegal Immigrant's Journey to Find Herself is being well-reviewed on Amazon. As of June 1st, the book had 11 reviews, including 10 five-star reviews and one four star review. That gives it an overall score of 4.9 out of 5. Here is the link: If you are … Continue reading Enter My Book Giveway Contest