My Novel to Be Released Feb. 1st.

Hello blog readers! If you like the content on my blog, I bet you will like my new book too. It’s coming out this Monday, February 1st. A short description of my novel appears below, as does a link for how you can order it. Currently, the book is only available in electronic version. But I plan to release it in paperback once I have a range of reviews of the book on Amazon and Goodreads. Happy reading!

Do you ever feel like you don’t belong somewhere, like you aren’t really connected to the community around you? Now imagine if you had been taken from your native land at 9 years old by your father and forced, for economic reasons, to cross a border illegally to live in a country where you have no connection? People there demand you speak English when you don’t really know English and speaking your native language is the one thing that connects you to home. Imagine how lonely you would feel. How do you cope in such a situation?

Thankfully, our main character Isabel, is encouraged by her sixth-grade teacher to keep a journal, where she can pour out her feelings of disconnection and loneliness. These feelings are especially acute because her mother stayed behind in Mexico and she is much closer to her than to her father, who spends his free time watching soccer and drinking beer with his brother.  This coming-of-age story is written in journal format, spanning three years and three countries, as Isabel grows from innocent child into confident young woman through her life experiences.  Isabel is horrified by the events that take place September 11, 2001 in the US, witnesses a political demonstration in Oaxaca, Mexico when people are killed, and is forced to flee to Madrid, Spain to keep her mother safe from harm. Will all this chaos prevent Isabel from finding a way to feel connected to the world around her or will she discover what she can do to feel like she belongs somewhere? 

If this sounds interesting to you, you can order my book on Just click on this link for details:


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