Dear Source of All, Help Us Cope!

Hello God, I am writing on behalf of 6 billion people here on Earth who are wondering when our suffering will end. If we promise to be more grateful in the future when we get to kiss or hug a loved one again, will that help bring about the end of the pandemic? Lord, I … Continue reading Dear Source of All, Help Us Cope!

My Young Adult Novel Is On Sale

Based on all the positive feedback I have received from members of the Torrevieja Writers' Circle group I belong to here in Spain, I have decided to self-publish my book, Torn Between Worlds: An illegal immigrant's journal to find herself, on Amazon Kindle. The novel is geared towards young people between the ages of 12 … Continue reading My Young Adult Novel Is On Sale

Book Review of Bloodlands

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." --Edmund Burke, Irish philosopher and statesman Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin by Timothy SnyderMy rating: 4 of 5 starsBetween 1933 and 1945, 14 million people were killed by the Soviet and Nazi regimes. Most of these people were … Continue reading Book Review of Bloodlands

Spending Thanksgiving apart, but still thankful

In the past, our family would gather at my sister Elizabeth's house in Chicagoland to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner together. They would cook a turkey with stuffing and other invited guests would bring a side dish, dessert or appetizer. It was always a great feast and very enjoyable to gather together and catch up on each … Continue reading Spending Thanksgiving apart, but still thankful

Covid cases stress US healthcare system

At the rate the Covid-19 cases are going up in the US, it's possible that pretty soon people who are sick will not be able to get medical care in any hospital or healthcare facility. Currently, more than 11 million cases have been identified there, with one-quarter million deaths. As of today, 251,268 people have … Continue reading Covid cases stress US healthcare system

The Importance of Truth

Since graduating from college with a degree in philosophy, I have considered myself to be a Unitarian-Universalist. This is a faith bound by seven principles, not by religious beliefs. The first principle is that every person has worth and dignity. Imagine if all people held this view. That certainly could reduce the amount of conflict … Continue reading The Importance of Truth

Learning English Expressions

"England and America are two countries separated by a common language." ---George Bernard Shaw Growing up in Chicagoland, I am a native English speaker. However, now that I live in Spain, I have learned lots of expressions used by British people. The part of Alicante Province where we have retired is filled with retired Brits … Continue reading Learning English Expressions