Two Recent Reviews of My Novel

In the last few weeks, I have received two more reviews of my novel, Torn Between Worlds, A Mexican immigrant's journey to find herself, on Goodreads. In case you don't subscribe to Goodreads or may not have seen the reviews, I thought I would share them here. (By the way, I love Goodreads, an online … Continue reading Two Recent Reviews of My Novel

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Book Review

Native Americans killed at Wounded Knee This important book, first published in 1970, tells the deeply disturbing story of how white European settlers wiped out the majority of the Native Americans living in America through murder, transmission of diseases, such as smallpox, and starvation. Native Americans of many tribes had their hunting lands taken away … Continue reading Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Book Review

Italy at Christmas Despite the Pandemic

During Christmas time 2020, we had planned to go to Italy as a family. Of course, this plan was cancelled along with everyone else's plans once the pandemic struck us hard starting in March of that year.  We decided to try again to see this culture-rich country in 2021. The original plan was that our … Continue reading Italy at Christmas Despite the Pandemic

How was my trip? #travel #covid #humor

Very funny post about traveling in the age of the Covid pandemic. Everything is more complicated now!

Barb Taub

How was my flight? You’ll have to excuse me while I kiss the ground.

(Don’t worry—I’m wearing a facemask.)

At first, the trip seemed like a good idea. We hadn’t been back to see family in the States since the year 4BC (Before-Covid), so the plan was to celebrate a late Thanksgiving together now that we’d all had our booster jabs and the pandemic seemed to be subsiding.

Digression #1. Right. Those who know me can just go ahead and shake their heads and mutter their I-told-you-so comments. Feeling better?

Of course, the Hub flew ahead of me. All he had to do was pop over to Glasgow airport and head out. A week later it was my turn. That was the week we all learned a new word: Omicron. I would have to leave home (our little island off the coast of Scotland) a day early to get a…

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Studying the Bible

I grew up in the Episcopalian/Anglican church in Chicagoland. Even though this faith is closely tied to the teachings of the New Testament, I don't remember us learning any Bible stories in Sunday School. Later, I studied philosophy in college and learned about the teachings of Christian thinkers Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas. I … Continue reading Studying the Bible