Dear Source of All, Help Us Cope!

Hello God,

I am writing on behalf of 6 billion people here on Earth who are wondering when our suffering will end.

If we promise to be more grateful in the future when we get to kiss or hug a loved one again, will that help bring about the end of the pandemic?

Lord, I know we took a lot of things for granted before, like flying across the country or the world on jet planes without thinking twice. If we promise to be more mindful in the future and only travel when absolutely necessary, will that give us back the life we once knew?

How can we reclaim the missing parts of our lives? When can we sing again with others? When can we dance? When can we worship together, share a meal or discuss a book? How do we cope when we cannot be with family or close friends? How do we mourn our loved ones who died from Covid-19 when we were unable to be with them in their last hours or have a memorial service?

God have mercy on us. Have mercy on those of us who remain, masked up and socially distanced from others, fearful of getting the virus too. How do we process our grief and mourn our losses when we are so alone?

Everything feels upside down and inside out these days, God. Please help us cope with life during this time of great suffering. Help us to be especially kind to others right now and help us to remain grateful for the many blessings we still share. Amen.


6 thoughts on “Dear Source of All, Help Us Cope!

  1. This was so beautiful and thoughtful and perhaps we need to rethink how we have lived and the consequences of our doings. The world is suffering not just us people but animals, forests too and often we have defiled it’s natural heritage. Maybe this is a wake up call.

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    1. Yes, I do think it is a wake up call for the planet. It’s the first thing to affect us all besides global warming and so many people haven’t been taking that seriously. When 2 million people are dead worldwide, that gets everyone’s attention. Thanks for your kind remarks. I am glad you liked my prayer. 😘


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