The Many Sights of Southern Holland

Most people who travel to the Netherlands go to its lively capital Amsterdam.  And this is undoubtedly a place worth visiting for its history, charm and many sights to see. However, if you ever get a chance to visit the area around Eindhoven, in the southern part of this charming country, you will find a … Continue reading The Many Sights of Southern Holland

The Hypocrisy of Texas Politicians

They want to control a woman's womb like in the Handmaid’s Tale They want to encourage vigilantes to report on women who violate the abortion deadline of 6 weeks This kind of Republic of Gilead control is acceptable to them But mandating masks to protect people from a life-threatening illness, a worldwide pandemic.... This kind … Continue reading The Hypocrisy of Texas Politicians

Life Lessons Book Review

"A warm and encouraging volume for anyone needing inspiration, renewal and hope in today’s troubled world."Bestselling Author Joan Wester Anderson By Joan Wester Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of Where Angels Walk and eight other books about angels and miracles. Sometimes it is best to avoid looking at what you really don’t want to … Continue reading Life Lessons Book Review