Goodreads Review of My Novel

After being published more than a year ago, my novel Torn Between Worlds: A Mexican Immigrant’s Journey to Find Herself is finally getting some attention on Goodreads. It has 32 ratings with 23 reviews so far. Eighty percent of the people who have read my book loved it (50%), liked it a lot (18%) or thought it was okay (12%).

Here is the latest review of my book on Goodreads by someone named Frankie:

This is a moving account of a young Mexican girl’s coming of age as she follows in the footsteps of those forced to leave their families in Mexico and search for a better life in the United States. This book is well researched and demonstrates the difficulties faced by immigrants which are recorded by the young girl in a journal.

It covers her experiences of many disturbing events including the attack on the US on September 11th, sexual assault and suicide. She eventually returns to her home in Mexico but is forced to flee with her mother to relatives in Spain to escape a dangerous situation. Once again she has to adjust to a new life without her friends as she struggles to feel like she belongs in another country.

This is a moving account of the experiences of a young girl and it brings home to the reader the difficulties faces by migrants seeking a better life without danger. It is a story for everyone but in particular for young people to help them understand the experiences of those forced to seek a new life in another country.


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