New Five Star Review of My Novel

Before I share another review, I need to explain that my novel is self-published. This means I do the marketing of the book and there is no publishing house using its powerful resources to help it get noticed. It doesn’t matter how good a book may be if it doesn’t get any attention! So I beg your forgiveness for continuing to promote my book on my blog. If you didn’t subscribe for this kind of thing, don’t read this review. Thank you for your understanding.

Review on Goodreads. (This is a wonderful place to read book reviews and write book reviews. See


“I would highly recommend this book to both young adults and older generations! It is written as the journal of Isabel, a young Mexican girl who is forced to leave Mexico with her father and live in America as an illegal immigrant and her subsequent life when she has to flee to Madrid.

It is a fascinating and informative insight into all the complexities of teenage emotions interweaved with the factual circumstances of what is happening in the world. Nancy Blodgett Klein has done a great job!”

Here are 19 more Goodreads reviews of my novel, Torn Between Worlds: A Mexican immigrant’s journey to find herself.

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