Lesson 14: Ask for Directions

Question: Why does it take millions of sperm to fertilise one egg? Answer: Because they won't ask for directions. Mount St. Victoire, painted by Paul Cezanne Have you ever noticed how some people are scared to ask for directions? They don’t want to look like they don’t have everything under control so they just muddle … Continue reading Lesson 14: Ask for Directions


Have you heard of Irish painter Mary Swanzy?

While visiting Cork, Ireland, an Irish friend introduced me to the Crawford Art Gallery. They were having an exhibit of the work of Mary Swanzy, an Irish painter (1882-1978) of the 20th Century. According to Wikipedia, Swanzy was noted for painting in many styles, including cubism, and was one of Ireland's first abstract painters. Even … Continue reading Have you heard of Irish painter Mary Swanzy?