The Great Disruption or the Great Awakening?

2020, the first year of the Great Disruption.

It had been 100 years since our last pandemic.

We were due for another one and Covid-19 obliged us.

Most everyone suffered. Millions died. The world was turned upside down.

All the things that brought us joy were no longer allowed:

No hugs or kisses. No parties. No dining out. No travel. No family visits.

Every one of us had to adjust to a new reality.

Some people have suffered the whole time, almost a year and half so far.

Others had spiritual awakenings.

Going inside and being alone brought forth great works of literature, art and beauty.

For some, it has only been a a time of great sadness, pain and loss.

For others, it has brought forth a renewed appreciation for life and nature,

for the birds singing in the trees and the sweet scent of flowers in bloom.


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