Lviv – East West Street

By John Edwards

Amazon photo of East West Street book cover


I have wanted to go to Lviv

where national borders moved

without a citizen crossing a line

from Poland to Ukraine

speakers of languages

doctored by oppressors

Third Reich to Stalin

and now a new war

I want to go to Lviv

walk their streets

step softly back into time

tread the path of Jewish law students

who studied and brought

human rights to the juror’s table

survivors not all just one or two

as many were lost to ashes

I still want to go to Lviv

where citizens understand

who they are

why they remain

united in defiance of

Putin’s ‘special operation’

to subjugate

remove their choices

I want to go to Lviv

see Ihor Tokarivsky’s

metal men weld steel crosses

into tank traps and voracious

‘hedgehogs’ to shred tyres

for invaders’ funeral pyres

innovators deviance absolute

to survive to save their country

I want to go to Lviv

feel the pain

of their survivals

Copyright by John Edwards, March 2022


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