Speaking A Language I Never Learned

Icon depicting Mary with the apostles filled with the Holy Spirit,
indicated by “cloven tongues like as of fire” above their heads.

Have you ever talked or sung in your sleep so loudly that it wakes you up? Well, I have done that at least four times in the last few years but the languages I have been speaking or singing in are unknown to me.

I do speak French and Spanish but the languages I am hearing myself say when sleep talking sound like Arabic, Indian or some native American language. I don’t think I have been consistent in the languages I am talking in either because each time I talked or sang the languages sounded different from the previous time!

I have never been afraid when this has happened to me, just mystified by what it might mean. Am I channeling other spirits when I dream? Are these people from past lives? Is this a spiritual experience like what was written about in the Bible’s book of Acts and First Corinthians, with people speaking many languages. Some people call this speaking in tongues or glossolalia, a spiritually-focused language. I have also heard it referred to as xenoglossy, which is speaking in a real language but one unknown to the speaker.

I have no idea why I keep doing this but wanted to share my experiences with others to see if this has ever happened to you or to someone you know.  I also recorded a few seconds of what I was singing in my sleep so loudly that it woke me up. It sounds like I am singing “my yo hon e ay yo, ay yo.” Does this mean anything in a native American tongue or any other language? Have a listen and tell me what you think.


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