Alien Nation

I used to love my country.

I was proud of it.

No more.

Constant gun violence and

Nothing done about it.

Shootings in schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, synagogues and churches, to name a few places struck by senseless violence.

So many broken lives.

Twenty children slaughtered by a young man with an AR-15 and no action by politicians. Not even for kindergarten and first graders!

Instead they make gun ownership easier.

I am fed up.

Don’t want any part of it.

74 million people voted to re-elect a person so unethical and corrupt, so irredeemable and vile.

Why is a racist and hateful President fine with them?

And why are so many Black people killed by cops? 

What was their crime that was so heinous? Running while Black?

It’s a violent country

Originally snatched away from Native Americans

Who were too innocent to know treaties meant nothing 

To the White man.

No, this country isn’t mine to claim anymore.

No more beautiful spacious skies 

No more amber waves of grain

Much blood has been shed, and God’s grace is in short supply.

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