Photos From Tours of Budapest and Ireland

The other day I wrote a post about this great company called Heygo that does live-streaming guided tours of locations around the world for free. I have since participated in half a dozen tours, first on my PC, then on my tablet and finally on my mobile phone. What I saw so far has been really interesting so I wanted to share photos from two tours I participated in yesterday. One was in Budapest, Hungary and other took place in Wexford, Ireland, both places of interest to me.

Here are the Budapest photos. As you can see, this tour took place at night time and the views were spectacular. The tour was called Buda Castle Quarter by Night and was led by a local guide.

The other tour I checked out yesterday was titled Woodlands, Lavender Fields and Fairy Folk. I love the sight and smell of lavender and also love Ireland, so this tour was a must for me. It took place in Wexford, a part of the country I had never seen. I learned from the Irish tour guide that the weather there is the best in Ireland, with more sun and less rain than other parts of the country. I had previously lived in Limerick and it rained most every day. Here are some photos from that tour.

I took these photos from within the Heygo site while on the tour. The photos are stored in a part of the site called Postcards. After the tour is over, you go into your Heygo profile and review the photos. The ones you don’t want you can delete while the ones you want to retain you can download and share with others if so inclined.

I think Heygo is a great company and want to share my new discovery with others who want to tour the world but don’t have the time or money or interest in actually going there. Kudos to them for thinking of a way to allow people to travel the world during a pandemic without actually leaving home. As I mentioned in my previous post about this company, the tours are free. However, if you think it’s a good tour, you can easily leave a tip of 5 dollars or 5 euros or less or more. It’s entirely up to you. Some of the tip money goes to the company while some of it goes to the tour guide. So go check out when you have some free time.

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