For a Very Special Friend

Threw a smooth small stone Into a vase of water On a flower-bedecked table Thinking of you And the life you threw away Gone now, but never forgotten Will I ever understand the darkness that destroyed your will to live?Perhaps someday… For now I am only sure of one thing I will always love you.


Lesson Seven: Be a Good Listener

“Listening is an art that requires attention over talent, spirit over ego, others over self.” Dean Jackson, author of The Poetry of Oneness: Illuminating Awareness of the True Self. Have you ever noticed that most people aren’t very good listeners? Typically, when I am at a party or other social gathering, the people I meet … Continue reading Lesson Seven: Be a Good Listener

Lesson Five: Some Questions Don’t Have Answers

"Zen wants us to acquire a new point of view to look into the mysteries of life. This is because Zen has come to the conclusion that the logical process of reasoning is powerless to give satisfaction to our deepest spiritual needs." ~ D.T. Suzuki Are you an orphan? Are both your parents gone now? … Continue reading Lesson Five: Some Questions Don’t Have Answers