Second Day Walking the Camino

We walked 20 kilometers today in Galicia. That was about 30,000 steps. This is a beautiful part of Spain that reminds me of Switzerland, with its rolling hills and charming homes displaying an abundance of flowers. Here are two photos I took in this Northwest region of Spain.

Here are some of the many flowers we saw.

Have you ever noticed how much more you can appreciate about your surroundings when you are walking rather than driving? That’s one of the Camino lessons I have learned.

We stopped for lunch along the way. At the restaurant we ordered homemade red wine that is traditionally served in a bowl! We also got a free tapas of lentil stew with pieces of pork in it. Spain is so great that way. You often get free tapas if you order drinks at most restaurants and bars.

A snack to fortify us for extended walking
A gift from the restaurant

Bar Baqueiro was the name of the restaurant where we stopped for a snack. It was on the Camino trail and it caters to pilgrims. They gave us a free shell as a gift. People wear shells on their backpacks to show that they have walked the Camino. We also received our fourth stamp here. You are supposed to get two stamps a day to show you are really waking the Camino.

The first page of my Credential del Peregrino

While we were at this restaurant, I joined in a little singing and dancing with other pilgrims walking the Camino.

Despite more than an hour of rain, it was another lovely day on the Camino.


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