An Answered Prayer

For the last few months, I have been hoping and praying to have a dream about my mother. My much-loved mom died 18 years ago so I can only visit her in my dreams.

One of my older sisters told me she often dreamt about our mother. I was annoyed at this and said to her, “Well, the next time you dream about her, tell her to come visit me in my dreams for a change!”

On the morning of Easter Sunday, my prayers were finally answered. I dreamt about my mother at last and even remembered what she said and did. This was important as having a dream about her and not remembering it when I woke up wasn’t going to help me feel reconnected with her.

In the short dream, we were both seated at a table. Mom was showing me a journal she had been keeping of what she was doing and thinking on different days of the year. Some entries were long and involved while others were short. In fact, one entry was really short, just three words. It said, “I kissed him.” I asked her about that entry and she explained that she had kissed a man on the forehead at church who had recently lost his wife. So this was a kiss to give him comfort while dealing with his grief. I then replied, “Mom, you are really good at being kind to others. You are such a compassionate person.”

I don’t remember if she said anything in reply to me. But I took this Easter dream to mean, “Keep being kind and compassionate towards others.” That’s what my mother wants me to do, just as this was how she lived her own life.

Thanks, mom, for coming to visit me on this special day!


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