The Long and Winding Road

By Sue Champion Photo by Johannes Plenio on Look back pilgrimCan you see your starting pointDid the road seem straightWhen you first began the journeyHow many wrong turns did you makeReturn to the crossroadsSelect another pathOnly to arrive at a dead endDid you make wise choicesWith career path or your partnerDid you change your … Continue reading The Long and Winding Road

Our “Impossible Times” by Adrienne Maree Brown

Poem as poster we are living in impossible times. if it were fiction it would be critiqued as hyperbolic. if it were nightmares we would never sleep. we are living in times created by our own species. i can’t remember the last time my tears weren’t man-made. it feels like everything is broken. we must, … Continue reading Our “Impossible Times” by Adrienne Maree Brown

The Hypocrisy of Texas Politicians

They want to control a woman's womb like in the Handmaid’s Tale They want to encourage vigilantes to report on women who violate the abortion deadline of 6 weeks This kind of Republic of Gilead control is acceptable to them But mandating masks to protect people from a life-threatening illness, a worldwide pandemic.... This kind … Continue reading The Hypocrisy of Texas Politicians