Walking the Camino de Santiago: 7 Types of People You’ll Meet

I loved my first experience of walking the Camino de Santiago. Undoubtedly, the people you meet along the way make the journey so much more interesting and enjoyable. If you’re wondering who you’ll meet, here’s a bit of a satirical look at the seven camino archetypes that I encountered along the way. The Young Guns … Continue reading Walking the Camino de Santiago: 7 Types of People You’ll Meet


Visiting Santiago de Compostela

On Saturday, the day after we finished walking the Camino, we went to a government building in Santiago de Compostela to get our certificates acknowledging our completion of the walk. You need to have walked at least 100 kilometers on any Camino to get this certificate and we walked 143 kilometers. So we more than … Continue reading Visiting Santiago de Compostela

Day Five on the Camino

Weather was beautiful today, clear skies, moderate temperatures and no rain. Unfortunately, we have all had enough of the Camino. Santiago Ways, the company we booked our trip with, consistently underestimated the kilometers we need to walk to get from one city to another. Perhaps they are just calculating the distance from city A to … Continue reading Day Five on the Camino