Manet and Modern Beauty Exhibit

Jeanne (Spring) painted in 1881 When you were a child learning about famous French painters, did you confuse Manet with Monet? I certainly did. But I came up with a memory device that helped me figure out the difference between these two awesome painters. That is, Manet has the word Man in it and Edouard … Continue reading Manet and Modern Beauty Exhibit

Lesson 14: Ask for Directions

Question: Why does it take millions of sperm to fertilise one egg? Answer: Because they won't ask for directions. Mount St. Victoire, painted by Paul Cezanne Have you ever noticed how some people are scared to ask for directions? They don’t want to look like they don’t have everything under control so they just muddle … Continue reading Lesson 14: Ask for Directions

Lesson Nine: Explore your roots to understand who you are

“Behind every appearance of diversity there is an interdependent unity of all things.” —George de Benneville. Are you interested in genealogy? If so, dear reader, I have an amazing story to tell you that might seem unbelievable. But it’s true and it affirms the adage that we are all connected. Once there were two sisters, … Continue reading Lesson Nine: Explore your roots to understand who you are