New Review of Spain Travel Book This is a book meant for children to help them understand what makes Spain so special by highlighting some of its more interesting cities through words and plenty of color photos. Adults can use the book to help them plan a trip to Spain as well. The tour of Spain is designed so that … Continue reading New Review of Spain Travel Book


First review of What’s So Special about Spain

Since the paperback version of my book came out last week I have received my first review from children's book author Darlene Foster. Here's what she had to say about it in her Amazon and Goodreads reviews. "A wonderful book describing some of the many wonders of Spain with amazing pictures and interesting details. Children … Continue reading First review of What’s So Special about Spain

World Traveling Without Leaving Home

Pretty mosaic by Las Ramblas I recently discovered a great way to explore the world without leaving your house. It's a company called Heygo. You can travel to many far-flung places and it doesn't cost anything. The web site includes a calendar with all upcoming tours on it. So you peruse that and sign … Continue reading World Traveling Without Leaving Home