The Great Disruption or the Great Awakening?

2020, the first year of the Great Disruption. It had been 100 years since our last pandemic. We were due for another one and Covid-19 obliged us. Most everyone suffered. Millions died. The world was turned upside down. All the things that brought us joy were no longer allowed: No hugs or kisses. No parties. … Continue reading The Great Disruption or the Great Awakening?

Saints Alive! These Women Are My Relatives

One of the fun things about genealogy is you may discover you are related to important figures of politics, history, literature or religion. Recently, I blogged about famous American writers I was related to such as Henry David Thoreau and Harriet Beecher Stowe. They are both cousins. I am also related to some people designated … Continue reading Saints Alive! These Women Are My Relatives

What’s That Book? Torn Between Worlds by Nancy Blodgett Klein

Darlene Foster, a Canadian published writer of many children’s books, is recommending my new book, Torn Between Worlds.

Book Club Mom

Welcome to What’s That Book, sharing book recommendations from readers and bloggers. Today’s guest reviewer is Darlene Foster.

Title: Torn Between Worlds 

Author: Nancy Blodgett Klein

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

What’s it about? A story about a 12-year-old Mexican girl who, with her father, comes to the United States illegally, in search of a better life. Isabel´s sixth-grade teacher suggests she keep a journal, where she can pour out the feelings she used to share with her mother. She encourages her to take the newspaper home to improve her English and learn about world events and politics. Isabel is horrified by the events that take place on September 11, 2001 in the US, witnesses a political demonstration in Oaxaca, Mexico where people are killed, and is forced to flee to Madrid, Spain to keep her and her mother safe from…

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