Fox News Hosts Lie Without Shame

“Fox News holds its viewers in contempt because it refuses to tell the truth.” —Robert Hubbell, US political analyst.

Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingram and Sean Hannity

A 1.6 billion dollar defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems against Fox News for lying about the 2020 Presidential election is turning into a firehose of damaging information that could ultimately destroy the reputation of this popular American news channel.

Facts revealed by Dominion’s lawsuit include that lead Fox personalities Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram knew the 2020 election wasn’t fraudulent but said so on the air. This way they could tell listeners what they wanted to hear and still maintain their ratings.

Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch said in a deposition that the 2020 presidential election was “free, fair and not stolen” but he did nothing to stop his TV hosts from spouting stolen election misinformation to its viewers.

Some of these viewers were the very same people who attacked the US Capitol in January 6, 2021, causing death, injuries and much destruction. Fox News publicized Donald Trump’s lies about a stolen election to keep their ratings high. Telling the truth to its viewers didn’t matter.

Imagine if these hosts had been honest with their viewers, admitting that the election wasn’t stolen and Joseph Biden had won fair and square despite what Trump was saying. Perhaps the catastrophic Capitol attack could have been avoided if only this influential news channel had been honest with its viewers.

But as Robert Hubbell rightly noted, Fox News hosts don’t have the decency to be honest with its viewers. Rather, the viewers are just a means to an end. High ratings means more profits for billionaire Murdoch and a continuation of hefty compensation for its hosts.

Now that the news of duplicity of the Fox hosts has been revealed through court documents, the media company has not pivoted to finally telling the truth about their damaging election lies. No mea culpa. Rather, they just aren’t covering the story at all. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Worst still, Fox News host Tucker Carlson was given exclusive access to video footage of the January 6 attacks by the Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy! Carlson has already started to use this footage to minimize the damage of those attacks by cherry-picking scenes where people weren’t hitting cops with flag poles, injuring them with pepper spray, or shouting ‘“Hang Mike Pence.” It was just a tourist outing, you see, not an insurrection or attempted coup.

Here is what Hubbell writes about that: “By focusing on isolated moments of calm during a violent assault on the Capitol, Carlson hoped he could fool Fox viewers into believing that those isolated moments fairly represented what happened on January 6th. In other words, Carlson believes that Fox viewers are idiots.”

Hopefully, more and more Fox viewers will one day realize they have been duped and stop watching this propaganda program all together. Of course, this would require them to first be interested in what is true and what is false. Right now, I suspect many watchers of this program would rather be entertained than truly informed.


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