What’s So Special About Spain Paperback Now Available

Just in time to order for a Christmas gift for children or grandchildren, I published a travel book about the wonders of Spain. The book comes in e-book and paperback format and is available on all Amazon sites.

This is a book meant for children to help them understand what makes Spain so special by highlighting some of its more interesting cities through words and plenty of color photos. Adults can use the book to help them plan a trip to Spain as well. The tour of Spain is designed so visitors to the country can travel via car or public transportation in a clockwise direction to see the most important sights in nine unique cities of the country. Generally, the cities are between three to five hours apart. Most of these places have been designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

It is available as an ebook ($3.99) or in paperback ($10.00). It is filled with beautiful color photos of nine very special places in Spain and includes descriptions of the highlights of each place, In order of coverage, the cities included are Segovia, Cuenca, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Seville, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela and Madrid.


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