A Mind-Blowing Near Death Experience

I don’t know if you believe in near-death experiences. But I do and I have watched quite a few of these videos on YouTube. This video is one of the most powerful near death experiences (NDE) I have ever seen. This woman, Penny Whitbrodt, was a nurse and shared what happened to her in the hospital when she had respiratory failure in 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlPZ0hIGx90.

Penny’s experience was very detailed and included her being able to see a text message from her sister who was driving to the hospital to see her sister that said, “Hang on kiddo. I’m coming.” After Penny came back to life, she confirmed that this was the exact text message her sister had sent her. She also noted that her sister was wearing a flannel shirt in the summer, which she thought was funny at the time.

Penny went to heaven and was hugged by a woman who she later realized was her grandmother. Her grandmother said, “Calm yourself. Dear one.” She looked up to her face and saw the woman’s hair, which was orangish red. She then realized this was her grandma, “You are alive,” she exclaimed. And her grandma replied, “Of course I am alive. You know this. There is no death…Energy can neither be created or destroyed. It just changes forms.” She said that her grandmother gave her hope that there is life after “death.” She assured me that life goes on, the nurse said.

Later on during this awe-inspiring event, things started to shake in Penny’s body. She said it was like an earthquake from the beginning of time until the end of time. She saw a light that got closer and closer and realized that this was God. He said to her, “I am. Everything exists because I will it so.”

Penny then got the sense that they were going to look at her life together, both the good and the bad. She was shown an event where she gives money to a woman at the checkout line to help her pay for all her groceries. She was shown that this woman she helped ended up working as a volunteer at a food bank and helping others in need, just as she had been helped.

After this experience, Penny decided to surrender herself to God and felt this tremendous energy course throughout her whole body. She was even able to sing beautiful songs, even thought she said she is “a terrible singer. ” The energy flowed all the way through her body and she understood everything she had never understood before. “Everything finally made sense.”

God was even able to flash forward to events in the future and she was able to see her grandchild when he was five years old, even though at that time he was only 2. Her son said to her, “I am going to be the father that I deserved.” So three years later, this event actually happened in her life!

Penny was able to see the strands of her DNA with God’s help. God pointed to a spot in her DNA and asked her, “Do you see me?” She realized that he was in her DNA and that he was her father just as her biological father was her father. She said that the DNA he showed her was what is called “junk DNA.” But it’s not really junk but it’s uncoding DNA or DNA that do not encode protein sequences. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-coding_DNA. Isn’t that amazing? It just blew my mind in a good way and hopefully it does the same thing for you.

Penny came back to life and told the nurse sitting by her bed that she was just taking with God. Of course the nurse didn’t believe her. God actually paid her a visit after she regained consciousness in her hospital bed as well. She said to him, “I thought you were gone” and he replied, “I am never gone.” He then told her he wanted her to share this story with other people. This YouTube video is one way Penny has been sharing her story to give others hope and faith that God exists and there is life after the death of our bodies.


6 thoughts on “A Mind-Blowing Near Death Experience

  1. It was during the summer that cable-television’s (former) Bravo! channel played the creepy-yet-entertaining film ‘No Country for Old Men’ at least once daily. … Just like when I stayed in a hospital before, I looked forward to eating my meat-included hospital tray meal as soon as I was deemed physically fit; however, that classically carnivorous side of me was no more.

    It was a totally involuntary spontaneous reaction, indeed body repulsion, after which I could no longer savor my large-quantity meat dishes as I did for the entire four decades of my life immediately prior to the operation. That is, unless it’s a very small amount of hidden tasty meat, such as in a juicy fresh-produce-and-sauce-laden barbeque burger, or, say, a mesquite flavored smokie sausage that’s strongly complimented (most carnivores would probably say overwhelmed, even) by a bunch of boiled whole potatoes and tangy sauerkraut.

    In fact, as an avid meat-eater — quite the carnivore, I undoubtedly was — you could almost flat-out name the flesh game, and, as long as it was not at all raw or runny, I would’ve readily played it: Bacon and eggs, whole steak, chicken — and, oh yeah, especially pork, regardless of its reputation for being a foul animal scripturally forbidden by the mono-deity God (I’d take my eternal-soul chances). But now it’s very little or no meat at all — plus a cooked or fried egg is to me but a heat-prepared huge embryo — and I kind of miss that ‘normal’ craving.

    Initially I had dismissed it as lingering post-op nausea due to the strong anesthesia and any other strong chemicals I received while under, notably the heart-paralyzing chemical solution; but a couple years after that possibility faded, I began wondering whether I may have received some vegetarian donor’s blood, a query I intend to put forth to my cardiologist the next time I see him.

    And accompanying the newfound-meat-thing are inexplicable, unprecedented, conspicuous psychological, existential and Super-Ego-type attitudinal changes in me, alterations I find to be beyond plausibly coincidental to the chemically-frozen-heart surgery.

    [P.S. I also could no longer get myself to kill an earwig, even though I fear no other insect as much.]

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