Living on Borrowed Time

Droughts, fires, unbearable heat

Doesn’t it feel like we are living on borrowed time?

Is it only me who feels like the end is near for the human race?

Reading the news is so scary these days

Makes me want to reach for another anti-anxiety pill

Is it best to ignore our frightful plight?

Just stare at puppy and kitten photos to stay sane

What can we do personally to turn things around?

Does anyone know?

The scorched earth is crying out, in vain


7 thoughts on “Living on Borrowed Time

  1. Assuming fossil fuel industry CEOs are not foolish enough to actually believe that their descendants will somehow always evade the health repercussions related to their industry’s environmentally reckless decisions, I wonder whether the unlimited-profit objective/nature is somehow irresistible to those businesspeople, including the willingness to simultaneously allow an already threatened consumer base to continue so, if not be threatened even further?

    It’s the allegorical fox stung by the instinct-abiding scorpion while ferrying it across the river, leaving both to drown.

    Still, there must be a point at which the status quo — be it bone-dry-vegetation areas uncontrollably burning, unbreathable city air, or unprecedented high-death-toll weather events — will end up hurting even Big Fossil Fuel’s own bottom-line interests.

    Meantime, if something notably conflicts with long-held and deeply entrenched corporate interests, even very progressive motions are greatly resisted, often enough successfully. And, of course, there will be those who will rebut the renewable-energy type/concept altogether, perhaps solely on the illogic that if it was possible, it would have been patented already and made a few people superfluously rich.

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      1. In the midst of yet another unprecedented wildfire two summers ago, Brazil’s evangelical-Christian president declared that his presidency — and, I presume, all of the formidable environmental damage he inflicts while in power — is “fulfilling a mission from God”.

        [Similarly, Canada’s previous prime minister, the thinly-veiled-theocratic also-evangelical-Christian Stephen Harper, was unrelenting in his pro-fossil-fuel/anti-natural-environment war against science.]

        There’s a generally shared bizarre belief amongst such ‘Christians’ that to defend the natural environment from the planet’s greatest polluters, notably big fossil fuel, is to go against God’s will and is therefore inherently evil.

        Some even credit the bone-dry-vegetation areas uncontrollably burning in California each year to some divine wrath upon collective humankind’s ‘sinfulness’. Ergo, there’s a serious hazard in such theologically-inclined people getting into and remaining in high office.

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      2. Some peoples’ views and their inaction regarding climate change are really frightening. We might be in the end times but that’s only because of government’s’ inaction to the problem of global warming!

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