The Long and Winding Road

By Sue Champion

Photo by Johannes Plenio on

Look back pilgrim
Can you see your starting point
Did the road seem straight
When you first began the journey
How many wrong turns did you make
Return to the crossroads
Select another path
Only to arrive at a dead end
Did you make wise choices
With career path or your partner
Did you change your mind
Change course, reverse
Did love let you down
Dreams dissolve
Just putting food on the table
Seem more than you were able
Now nearer the end than the beginning
Can see more clearly
Stumbling blocks overcome
As you travelled, looking for answers
Reasons for the journey
Has suffering produced perseverance
Character and hope
Did you learn the life lessons assigned
In order to complete the race

Sue Champion is a member of the Torrevieja Writers Circle and is author of the book, Prayer, Praise and Poetry.


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