Pity, not Pride, in the USA

My country has lost its way

No one can argue it hasn’t

What will make it right?

Should we stand up and fight?

Or just go on about our day?

We are awash in guns

States attempts to ensure citizen safety

Now undone

Women no longer in control

Of their own bodies

So hard to be hopeful

About what is to come

So many guns about

Mass shootings everywhere

Schools, churches, concerts, malls

Is it even safe to go out at all?

You are no longer the beautiful country

I once loved

It’s sad to see you now

Pride has been usurped

By pity

For we have lost so much…


8 thoughts on “Pity, not Pride, in the USA

  1. It is a sad day. Feels like a slow motion coup. Corruption gain hold and democracy losing ground. Stupidity being blatant. We’re in a very sad and disturbing place. Denise

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  2. I hear you Nancy. I am shocked to the core too! What a retrograde step…..I feel that at this rate that the ‘dis’ United States of America will be sending out witch finders next, marrying off twelve year old girls and reintroducing slavery…….yes I feel that’s the way their politics are heading…..there will be a lot of people dusting off those white pointy hat so soon, if not already

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