Day Five on the Camino

Weather was beautiful today, clear skies, moderate temperatures and no rain. Unfortunately, we have all had enough of the Camino. Santiago Ways, the company we booked our trip with, consistently underestimated the kilometers we need to walk to get from one city to another. Perhaps they are just calculating the distance from city A to city B without calculating the kilometers we must actually walk to get from one hotel to the next?

For example, today they said it would take 19 kilometers to get from Caldas de Reis to Padron. It took 23 kilometers according to my fitbit and those of other pilgrims. We feel like they have misled us and that’s why I don’t recommend this company. This underestimation of the distances has happened every day!

Tomorrow is our last day of walking the Camino and I bet you it will take quite a few kilometers longer to get to our hotel than 24. To cope with the long distances, we stopped at four cafes today. First, we stopped for cafe con leche. Then we stopped and I had a hamburger and a coke and Rick had a tostada with tomato topping and a beer. He discovered he likes Estrella del Camino beer.

Type of beer featured on the Camino

Then we stopped at a highly rated cafe called Buen Camino and I tried the beer Rick was recommending and he had homemade gazpacho and another Estrella del Camino. He said this trip was more rural pub crawl than Camino as far as he was concerned! Finally, we stopped a fourth time for bottles of water. This was how we coped with walking such long distances. It seems like each day we walked we stopped off at one place more than the previous day.

A great cafe along the Portuguese Camino

Finally, here are a few of the beautiful sights we saw along the way today.

Panoramic shot of forest we walked through
We are less than 30 kilometers to Santiago de Compostela according to this marker.

One more day to go! Even though the walking has gotten hard and it isn’t fun anymore, I still glad to have undertaken this experience with my hubby and our British friends Janis and Andrew. Here we all are together in Tui, before starting our Camino.


3 thoughts on “Day Five on the Camino

  1. Hi Nanc & Rick…
    From what I’ve heard from everyone who’s done parts of the Camino, they don’t necessarily “enjoy” it…. And, the extra kms. also have often been part of their journey.
    Am sure you’re quite weary; however, you’ll probably feel chuffed later for this accomplishment… And, as you’ve already pointed out, you’re still together! 😉
    Have a good long soak in seaweed or epsom salts when you can!!!

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    1. Thanks for telling me that. It’s good to know others get weary and lose their sense of fun as well as end up walking way more than they expected! I do feel a sense of accomplishment already.


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