Fourth Day Walking the Camino

The weather was sunny and comfortable today and the sights were delightful. However, as it was the fourth straight day of walking long distances, getting to our final destination was tough. We covered 29 kilometers, more than 40,000 steps. It was very hard to walk that far!

I also discovered that one of my toes has a double toenail. This is quite painful so I plan to walk in my sandals the last two days of the Camino. Even though I am not enjoying my walks like the first two days, I am still seeing some amazing sights. Here are the highlights of my walk today in Galicia.

We saw lots of vineyards on our Camino
A fern paradise
A moss heaven
Many times I was able to walk alone
A place to sit and contemplate
the beauty of nature
Hubby and I are enjoying quality time together!
We saw a horse-drawn carriage on our walk
We saw streams through the forest
First sign we have seen mentioning our final destination of Santiago de Compostela.

According to the the stone markers, we have just under 50 kilometers to walk to our final destination. Supposedly we have a 3.5 hour walk ahead of us tomorrow and a 4.5 hour walk Friday into Santiago.

I don’t put much stock in these estimates, however, as it took us from 9:30 to 5:30 to get to our hotel today! I was walking like an old granny and everyone was passing me saying the expected greeting of “Buen Camino” while I sometimes simply grunted in reply. That was the sorry state of affairs. But at least the scenery was delightful.

I bought a walking stick this morning in Pontevedra and it prevented me from falling down when I neared our destination this evening. I was thankful for this small blessing as I don’t relish falling and getting hurt. I broke my femur in two places last year in Spain so I am not looking for a repeat performance. Here’s hoping for a buen Camino tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Fourth Day Walking the Camino

  1. It was getting hard to walk with the blisters on my toes. The pics give me good memories instead of the heat and soreness. Hubby


  2. Hi Nancy,
    I just read Day 5 and I am sorry to hear about how the distances were tough. I hope enough of the Camino came through that you may give it another chance. If so, if you do it without a tour itinerary, you might want to set your own distances, even taking it day by day, depending on which section you are walking.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences!
    Best regards, Reg Spittle
    (Camino Sunrise)


      1. Right. On some treks, there is no need to even book accommodations, but we have found that we have had to plan our stays on most distance walks. I think the French way allows more flexibility. That one is one we want to do too!

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