Third Day Walking the Camino

No rain today and many beautiful sights. Walking is getting harder though as it is the third day in a row of long-distance hiking, including going up and down many hills. Also, when Google maps says there is a cafe up the street, that may not be the case. So expect some disappointments.

I would say that even though I am enjoying doing this Camino, I don’t think the 40 day version that starts in France and ends in Santiago de Compostela is in the cards for me. One week walking the Camino seems just right for me. Staying at a different hotel in a different town every night is already taking its toll. Anyway, enough whining! Here are some sights on my 17 kilometer walk today in the Galicia region of Spain, from Arcade north to Pontevedra.

Modern bridge in Arcade
Very old bridge on the Camino, also in Arcade
Galician countryside, complete with 3 horses
Eucalyptus trees on the Camino
Good thing I’m not doing the Camino
in a wheelchair
Items left behind to commemorate the journey
A place for pilgrims to get their Camino stamps

And if you have been following this Camino journey with me, you know I like flowers. Here are some of the many I saw today. I would saw foxglove and roses are the two the most common type I have seen in Galicia. I have also spied some birds of paradise in people’s gardens. Enjoy!

Pink roses, complete with dog greetings

Despite complaints from my feet, it’s still been a buen Camino so far.


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