First Day Walking the Camino

Hubby and I walked 33,000 steps today, almost 23 kilometers. That’s the most either of us has done in almost 34 years of marriage. Bonus: we are still speaking to each other!

Here we are about to begin in front of
Tui Cathedral

We saw lots of lovely sights along the way. Here are some of the things we saw on our Camino.

Sheep doing their grazing thing
A dog saying hello
This way to Santiago de Compostela
Big stones over a small river
Absolutely beautiful
My hubby and friend Andrew ahead of me
Many beautiful flowers along the way

Day one is over. So far, it’s been a Buen Camino, as other pilgrims have wished for us. It rained a little but it ended quickly. We can still walk (no bloody or bruised feet) so I am looking forward to going downstairs to drink some chilled white Albariño wine tonight with dinner at this hostel near O Porriño. It comes from this region of Spain and it’s very delicious. You should try some if you never had it before.


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