Memorial Day

By Lisa Denton

The day was set the bar was booked
All arrived, they all looked
Cheerful in the circs
Winks and nods, even smirks
This crew of friends from days of yore
Had wanted to do this, months before
Rules in play on the original day
Tho’ broke and busted by
Those we trusted
A lesson here for one and all
Whose tick in the box began to pall
And they, in plain sight, dropped the ball
So we delayed but then came the day
For commiserating one with others
Say goodbye to sons and mothers
Dads and daughters some lost brothers

Could not be done at point of pain
Knowing we wouldn’t see them again
Though memories fresh as morning rain
Filled our hearts with love as then
We met to commiserate, and tell once more
The stories we had heard before
We reminisced we laughed and shared
As old acquaintances we cared
Each of us scarred by circumstance
Shining tears in many a glance
Showed the hurt the plague had brought
This day, these friends, this group, all had sought
To remember happier times and support
The celebration of lives, memories still replete
But ghostly, lovelorn, incomplete

Lisa Denton is a member of the Torrevieja Writers’ Circle. We meet on a weekly basis on the Costa Blanca in Spain to read our work and give and get feedback from other expat writers.


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