A Goodreads Review of My Novel

Here is the latest Goodreads review of my book, Torn Between Worlds: A Mexican Immigrant’s Journey to Find Herself. Since the novel was published in February 2021, the book has received 29 rating and 21 reviews there, with an overall average score of 3.79 out of 5 stars. See this link for details: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/56912602-torn-between-worlds.

Review by Margaret Rowland, an English author and poet

A captivating account of an adolescent girl’s journey, who, forced by circumstance, searches for knowledge, a place in the world, freedom and acceptance.

Through Isabel’s eyes and observation, noted in her journal, we travel with her and learn.

We sense the tensions at the border, feel the initial awkwardness within her new-found family. We experience her friendships, her compassion for others in similar situations. We travel back with her to Mexico and experience her loss and the horrors of her people before moving with her to a new continent.

This account addresses a universal problem within every country and society, where, through desperation, ethnicity or political bias, people need to flee or search for acceptance and freedom in this world.

An excellent read. 


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