Psalm 151 for Troubled Times

Hello friends. If you know something about the psalms you probably know that there are 150 of them in The Bible. In my Bible Study group, we are studying the psalms. For homework, we have been asked to write our own. So here is my attempt at writing my own psalm. I hope you like it!

Psalm 151

Lord God almighty, hear our prayer

Help those who are suffering find joy and beauty in living

Help embittered people open their hearts to love

Help the misunderstood to find understanding and acceptance

Lord God almighty, hear our prayer

Bring hope to the hopeless

Bring sustenance to the hungry

Bring acceptance to the dying and to loved ones left behind

Lord God almighty, hear our prayer,

Give faith to those with none

Give comfort to those in pain

Give companionship to the lonely

Let all suffering people know you are there

to help them during times of trouble

Always and Forever



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