Two Recent Reviews of My Novel

In the last few weeks, I have received two more reviews of my novel, Torn Between Worlds, A Mexican immigrant’s journey to find herself, on Goodreads. In case you don’t subscribe to Goodreads or may not have seen the reviews, I thought I would share them here. (By the way, I love Goodreads, an online place to share book recommendations, because it helps me decide what books I want to read next.

First review by MZ

Sensitively crafted story about Isabel, a young Mexican girl, having to adjust and cope with living in three different cultures. The book takes the narrative form of a journal so that you have direct insight into Isabel’s thoughts as she grows from a child of 9 to a teenager where she begins to notice boys! Through her journal we also learn about her reaction to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 which occur when she’s living in the U.S.

I learned many things. I had no idea that illegal immigrants in the U.S. (Chicago, in this instance) could go to school. I was also unaware of how dangerous – and violent – politics could be in Mexico – which cause Isabel and her mother to have to flee to Spain for sanctuary.
It was sad that Isabel had to make a choice between living with her father in the U.S. or going with her mother to Spain. No doubt many children find themselves in a similar situation when parents split. Isabel tells us how she feels about this, via her journal.

For young adult readers, this is a book definitely worth reading.

Second review by Maureen Moss

Torn Between Worlds gripped me from the very start. I thought it was going to be about the plight of refugees – which it certainly reveals, but through the eyes of an adolescent girl. It is about much more, though: Isabel keeps a journal of her life in three different countries, and we see how world events impact her development as she recounts her questions, fears and dreams. It is written with such innocent clarity that it’s hard to believe an adult wrote it: the author certainly creates her character’s world so personally that we feel we really know young Isabel. Her story will stay with me for a long time, and when I see news of refugees I will always wonder about the young girls among them.

To read more reviews, click this link to Goodreads. Torn Between Worlds: An illegal immigrant’s journey to find herself

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2 thoughts on “Two Recent Reviews of My Novel

  1. Two excellent reviews. It is so wonderful when a reader gets the story! These two certainly did. I too love Goodreads for keeping track of books I´ve read and deciding what to read next.

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