How was my trip? #travel #covid #humor

Very funny post about traveling in the age of the Covid pandemic. Everything is more complicated now!

Barb Taub

How was my flight? You’ll have to excuse me while I kiss the ground.

(Don’t worry—I’m wearing a facemask.)

At first, the trip seemed like a good idea. We hadn’t been back to see family in the States since the year 4BC (Before-Covid), so the plan was to celebrate a late Thanksgiving together now that we’d all had our booster jabs and the pandemic seemed to be subsiding.

Digression #1. Right. Those who know me can just go ahead and shake their heads and mutter their I-told-you-so comments. Feeling better?

Of course, the Hub flew ahead of me. All he had to do was pop over to Glasgow airport and head out. A week later it was my turn. That was the week we all learned a new word: Omicron. I would have to leave home (our little island off the coast of Scotland) a day early to get a…

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