Five Star Review of My Novel

Just wanted to share with my blog readers that I received a five-star review of my novel on Goodreads. The reviewer, Mark Durman, is a British author of four books. His books are titled: Adsum Mission and Passion, a memoir, plus three novels. They are titled The Warehouse, Cash in Transit and Verification.

He wrote the following: “I found this book original, well constructed and an excellent read. I congratulate Nancy Blodgett Klein on her research and imagination following a young girl’s story as the developments of her life leads her through three countries. In each she has to learn to adjust to the very different cultures of the US, Mexico and Spain.”

Durman has an impressive background too. Here is his biography that is included at the start of his interesting and funny memoir,  Adsum Mission and Passion.

Mark Durman biography

For more information about my novel, see


6 thoughts on “Five Star Review of My Novel

  1. Dear Nancy
    I don’t tend to engage with Facebook very much but I did discover there that you had written a book.
    I was curious and sent away for it.
    Thank-you I enjoyed it very much and leaned a lot even a bit of Spanish.
    Keep well and visit us some time

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