Book Review of Life Lessons

I was thrilled to see another book by Nancy Blodgett Klein. I so enjoyed her recent book Torn Between Worlds that I was glad to be able to read another one. Right from the first page this anthology had grabbed me. I think the concept is Great, and it was interesting reading about all the different authors, and seeing their different walks of life, and how those life experiences shaped them. I would like to mention a few of my favorite stories, ones that touched me deeply.

The very first story, “Making a Difference by Helping Others” by Nancy Blodgett Klein, made me realize that you can make a friend from someone who hurt you by helping them without reservation. We were even able to read this story to illustrate a point in our Bible Study group. “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World” by Lee Follender made me realize that though the world is a rough and sometimes an inhospitable place, each one of us can be an agent of change, even if only for a few people. This one really hit me hard.

Others I really enjoyed were several by Nancy Klein, including one about her Genealogy and how it started with two sisters and ended by bringing them back together again after many generations. Another one was about the art of listening, I found it something I lack, but hopefully can improve. I especially liked the story by John Edwards, “Mourning Losses…But Embracing Life”.

Overall, the book was both entertaining and powerful! I highly recommend it!

Review by Richard Boyle, a resident of Orihuela Coast, Spain

The book is available for $10 in paperback or $4.99 as an eBook. Click this link for details.


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