The Hypocrisy of Texas Politicians

They want to control a woman’s womb like in the Handmaid’s Tale

They want to encourage vigilantes to report on women who violate the abortion deadline of 6 weeks

This kind of Republic of Gilead control is acceptable to them

But mandating masks to protect people from a life-threatening illness, a worldwide pandemic….

This kind of government control is unacceptable to them

They want to encourage private citizens to sue abortion providers and others who help women in need of care

They say they are “affirming life.”

Meanwhile, they continue to weaken gun regulations so that almost anyone can get a gun without registration or training

Because that’s freedom!

Freedom to spread the pandemic and carry a gun everywhere

Never mind about the safety of others

Never mind about needless deaths from Covid or gun violence

All that matters is the government cannot tell Texans what to do

But for pregnant women, this maxim doesn’t apply.

Their conduct must be regulated! We politicians of the Lone Star state get to control women’s bodies. It’s our God-given right to be the worst kind of hypocrites!


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