For the Three Million and for Those Who Remain

“More than three million people have died from Covid-19 since the first cases surfaced more than 14 months ago and upended life for people across the globe.” —NY Times

The silent killer continues its work.

First it stalked the old and infirm and people with underlying conditions. Now it has come on strong to snatch others too, people in the prime of their lives.

The virus has its own agenda: to infect and kill as many people as possible. It respects no borders, crossing between states, countries and continents without missing a beat.

Vaccines—our safe harbor amid a sea of sadness and pain—cannot happen fast enough to save us all.

Who will you take next, you spiky-crowned abomination? Are you coming for my spouse or my siblings? Are you coming for me?

Please don’t take our most valued treasures, our most exquisite joys. If you must take our children, please take us too as this catastrophe would be the bitter end of our fervent hope for a brighter future.


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