The awful, horrible, terrible time

Dedicated to children all around the world

It was an awful, horrible, terrible time when we couldn’t say, “Let’s play!”

When we had to stay home, all alone, with no one to talk to.

How can a tiny bug keep us all away from fun, away from sun, day after day?

Mommy is crabby all the time, Daddy too. When will this end? When will it be through?

I don’t have anything fun to do!

School is on a computer. How silly can that be? My teacher is on a screen, being mean,

Yelling at Jose to mute himself as he screams at his dog eating fritos off the floor.

My older brother swears a lot. My little sister cries a lot.

How long will we have to live like this, I wonder?

When will this awful, horrible, terrible time be done?

No one seems happy anymore.

3 thoughts on “The awful, horrible, terrible time

    1. Darlene. You are awesome in so many ways! Glad to know you and have you as a friend! I think this pandemic is inspiring me to write poetry. It’s not something I have ever done before but it’s starting to flow out of me.


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