Day 16 of Spain’s Lockdown

Spain now has 85,195 cases of covid-19, with 7,340 deaths. On March 1, there were only 84 cases here. That wasn’t even a month ago. I think this month, March 2020, will be remembered as the longest one we have ever experienced. Each day has passed so slowly, with dramatic increases in deaths reported in Italy, in Spain and elsewhere around the world.

The United States, where I am from, has exceeded Spain in terms of number of covid-19 cases. It has 142,746 cases. Almost 2,500 people have died. In New York City alone, 98 people have died from the disease in the last 7 hours. I am sure there are lots more cases there too, but since getting tested is so hard to do, probably lots of people are walking around with it and giving it to other people without realizing it. It is so hard to be hopeful given what is happening in the U.S. right now, especially considering the president we have to lead the effort.

Yesterday, Trump was on Twitter saying how good his TV ratings have been since he started doing daily press conferences about fighting the coronavirus. He boasts about his great ratings with nary a word about all the deaths, the economic upheaval, and overrun hospitals.

Trump doesn’t have an ounce of humanity. He has nothing comforting to say to millions of frightened Americans. When reporters confront him with this lies, he attacks them and says they are terrible reporters. How does one remain hopeful with such a monster in charge? How is such unconscionable behavior allowed to continue? Why don’t the reporters stick up for each other or walk out of the White House briefings en masse when he says something that is cruel or isn’t true?

I am frightened for all the people in the U.S. who have lost their jobs, over 3.3 million people already. So many people there have health insurance tied to their work so when they lose their jobs, they lose their health insurance. This pandemic is revealing the weakness of the United State’s patchwork health care system. It makes clear how vital it is to have national health insurance, like Spain, France, England and all other developed nations in the world. And if national health insurance isn’t possible in the U.S, let it at least be affordable. If husband Rick and I were still living in the U.S, our monthly health insurance premiums would likely be $2,000 or more per month. Here we pay less than $200 a month for a private health insurance plan that covers both of us.

People are suffering all around the world right now, not just here in Spain or back in the USA. Many people have lost their source of income and have no savings to tide them over. Many people are dying alone from this disease with no loved ones by their side to comfort them. Many people are frightened about what the future will bring.

With that in mind, let’s all do what we can to help each other get through this pandemic and hopefully come out on the other side with a better world for everyone. Remember to laugh, to sing, to dance and especially to reach out to family, friends and neighbors during this time of social upheaval. One long day at a time, we will get through this.


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